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Parish Accounts 2010 - 2011

Below you will find the links to the summary Parish Accounts for the past few years. The Parish is part of the Diocesan Charitable Trust so our Parish accounts are integrated into the Diocesan Return each year. An explanation of the format of the reports is shown below in the section headed Parish Accounts Report Structure.

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View/print the 2011 Parish Accounts

View/print the 2010 Parish Accounts

View/print the 2009 Parish Accounts

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Parish Accounts - Report Structure

There are 4 pages in each of the files above. The first provides a Profit & Loss style account for the year combined with a Balance Sheet. The second page provides a year-on-year Income and Expenditure comparison with a commentary on the major changes.

When Parishioners donate money for a specific purpose within the Parish, (Church flowers, the development fund etc), this is held in a separate 'Fund' and can only be used for the designated purpose. These are described as 'Restricted Funds' and income and expenditure for these is shown on the third page of the report.

Finally, when money is donated to an entity outside the Diocese, (i.e. CAFOD), the money is not treated as part of the Parish's income but is reserved and paid out to them as soon as possible. These sums are reported on the fourth and final page of the report, Third Party Funds Statement.

Because the Diocese is a charity, the Diocesan accounts have to comply with the Statement of Recommended Practice, (SORP 2000), put together by the Charity Commissioners. To support this, all our Parish reporting is aligned with the Diocesan standards so that our accounts can be amalgamated into the Diocesan report. The processes and standards are set out in the Parish Administration Manual which can be accessed from the link below.

When tax payers make donations to a Charity, the Charity is able to reclaim the tax paid on the donation under the Gift Aid scheme, a very valuable source of additional income which normally gives us an extra 10,000 per year. The Gift Aid link provides overall details on how the scheme works and the Parish's Gift Aid Co-ordinator is Ian Dallas. He will be happy to answer any questions and sign you up to the scheme which makes your donations worth more to the Parish. All Gift Aid details are confidential and the Parish has no access to your personal data concerning income or tax arrangements.

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Parish Administration

Parish Administration Manual

Legacies a lasting memorial to support the Church

When you make or change your Will, you will obviously be thinking about your family and friends. But you could also make a gift to the Church. For example, you might decide to remember the parish in your Will and here are just a couple of examples of legacies that have been given to parishes in this Diocese:

  • St. Joseph's Parish, Brighton Legacy used to repair external fabric of this listed church.
  • St. Charles' Parish Worthing Legacy used to refurbish and improve the parish hall.
Alternatively, you could decide that you want to provide funds to support priests in their old age or through an illness or the training of new priests, or just generally to help the Diocese.

It's up to you to decide how you want to support the Church. The Diocese has provided detailed guidance and this can be found in the link below.

View/print the Guidance on Bequests and Legacies on the Diocese web site (PDF format, 25kb)

How Helping The Church Can Help You

If you are single, the Government will take 40% in tax on everything over the Inheritance Tax threshold and that may well affect you if you own property. But everything that you give to the Church as a charity will be tax free, so you can use a legacy to reduce the amount of tax that will be paid.

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