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Weekly newsletters are made available in the newsletters page, as they become available. In addition, the following table identifies changes made recently elsewhere in the web site.

Date Page / Subject Changes Made
13 Jan 2014 Admin
Removed Events and Noticeboard Management Pages
13 Jan 2014 Outreach
Removed Clodomira and King's House Coffee Shop programmes
2 Jul 2013 Noticeboard
Miscellaneous Changes
2 Jul 2013 Links
Removed King's House Coffee Shop and added Sean Devereux
2 Jul 2013 Sacraments
Changes to RCIA section
2 Jul 2013 All Pages Changes to copyright dates
1-2 Jul 2013 Organisations
Miscellaneous changes to organisation details
1-2 Jul 2013 Contacts
Miscellaneous changes to contact details
1 Jul 2013 Parish Council
Added PPC Chairman's report and School AGM Notes for 2013
15 Feb 2013 Boundaries
Added link to detailed parish boundary map in Google Maps
9 Jan 2013 Contacts
Added new photos
9 Jan 2013 Organisations
Added new photos
3 Jan 2013 Links
Corrections to broken links
3 Jan 2013 Mass Times
Changes to weekday mass times
29 Dec 2012 Woking & Sam Beare Hospice
Changes to include Sam Beare Hospice and correct link to Woking Hospice web site
8 Dec 2012 Noticeboard
Changes to contacts for Baptism courses to start in Jan 2013
8 Dec 2012 Organisations
Various changes to organisations and contacts
8 Dec 2012 Contacts
Various changes to organisations and contacts
10 Oct 2012 Home
Reformatted page, adding Twitter feed and removing advertisements and side menu options
9 Oct 2012 Sacraments
Changed times for Reconciliation on Saturdays and for Holy Orders, changed A&B Vocations Director details
9 Oct 2012 Mass Times
Changed Mass Times for Monday and Saturday
9 Oct 2012 Organisations
Changed Diocesan Safety Officer details
9 Oct 2012 Schools
Changed head teacher details
9 Oct 2012 Parish Council
Removed reference to Mike Smallwood as Chairman
4 Oct 2012 Parish
Added photo of Fr. Alexander Lucie-Smith
3 Oct 2012 Parish
Added brief biography of Fr. Alexander Lucie-Smith
29 Sep 2012 Home
Changed parish priest details
29 Sep 2012 Parish
Changed parish priest details
29 Sep 2012 Church
Changed parish priest details
29 Sep 2012 Organisations
Changed parish priest details, added deacon's details, changed various organisation contacts
29 Sep 2012 Contacts
Changed parish priest details, added deacon's details, changed various contacts details
20 Aug 2012 Sacraments
Changed RCI section
27 Apr 2012 Latest Changes
Removed details of all changes made prior to 1/1/2011
27 Apr 2012 Church Hall
Replaced Hall Hire Contract with new version
12 Apr 2012 Links
Updated and added links to other web sites
8 Mar 2012 Planned Works
Updated achievements for 2011 and ambitions for 2012
8 Mar 2012 Finances
Updated text and added parish accounts for 2010 and 2011
8 Mar 2012 Gift Aid
Changed text relating to transitional relief
17 Feb 2012 Organisations
Changed contacts for confirmation
17 Feb 2012 Sacraments
Changed contacts for confirmation and removed confirmation photos
4 Dec 2011 Health and Safety
Updated with latest H&S report and revised information
13 Sept 2011 Church
Corrected layout formatting errors
13 Sept 2011 Mass Times
Monday morning mass only during school holidays
30 Aug 2011 Outreach
Added RCIA page to Outreach
30 Aug 2011 Sacraments
Changes to RCIA section of Sacraments Page
21 Mar 2011 Planned Works
Extensive updates to Planned Works page
14 Mar 2011 Sacraments
Changed RCIA contact details on Sacraments page
14 Mar 2011 Notice Board
Updates to Notices on the Notice Board page
13 Mar 2011 Organisations
Changed safeguarding contact details on the Organisations page
13 Mar 2011 Contacts
Changed safeguarding contact details on the Contacts page
13 Mar 2011 Health and Safety
Replaced Church evacuation documents with latest versions on the Health and Safety page
27 Feb 2011 Organisations
Various changes to contacts/organisations on the Organisations page
27 Feb 2011 Contacts
Various changes to contacts on the Contacts page
7 Feb 2011 Home
Added graphic and text links to Newsletters page
25 Jan 2011 Safeguarding
Updated page
21 Jan 2011 Health and Safety
Added two new emergency evaluation documents
21 Jan 2011 Links
Added link to Knaphill Residents Association web site
18 Jan 2011 Sacraments
Changed Confirmation catechists

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