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Most people have a regular source of income – a wage, salary cheque or pension payment and will plan how this is to be used to meet the household bills and save for special events such as Christmas or holidays. These regular sources of income are usually ‘reviewed’ on an annual basis and increased to help to offset the effects of inflation which pushes up costs. Unfortunately, our church didn’t have the same comfort of a ‘regular’, known income and didn’t have a formal annual review to help to cover increasing costs. Instead, it relied on the generosity of its parishioners to fund the activities of the church through the weekly offertory collections. These collections pay for the:

  • Pastoral activities of the parish
  • Liturgical programmes
  • Maintenance of the parish properties
  • Administration of the parish
  • Household expenses of the Priest
  • Levies paid to support the Diocese
Historically, whilst parish costs were increasing regularly, income had been static for many years and in 2006, Fr Jeff introduced the Planned Giving initiative to St Hugh’s. This invited each parishioner to think hard about what St Hugh’s meant to them and to consider where it fitted in to the other important things in our lives, asking us to assess what we could realistically contribute to ensure the continued existence of the parish.

We were reminded that in Canon Law, the parishioners are the collective owners of the parish property. Our forebears passed it on to us; we are its guardians for the present and we are responsible for handing it on to those who follow us. To fulfil our duties, it must be fit for purpose, in good condition and free of debt. To do that, we all have to contribute our share of the cost, according to our means. Parishioners rose to the challenge and the Parish now has a regular stream of planned income which allows Fr Jeff, the PPC and the PFC to plan ahead with confidence, knowing what funds will be available for maintenance, improvements and enhanced pastoral and liturgical programmes.

Having addressed the immediate needs of the Parish, it is important for us all to review our contributions regularly, ensuring that appropriate resources are always available to enable the work of our church to continue.

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Why Planned Giving is so important in our Parish

The following are relevant articles, documents and presentation issued in the Planned Giving initiative 2006.

View/print the Extracts from the Planned Giving Week 1 Sermon from Fr Jeff (PDF format, 57kb)

View/print the Planned Giving Week 2 Presentation made at Mass (PDF format, 84kb)

View/print the Second Planned Giving Update (PDF format, 47kb)

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