Planned Works and Maintenance

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Achievements in 2011 and Ambitions for 2012

Work to improve the church buildings continued through the year. For most of us, the most noticeable changes were the installation of the new sliding screen / partition in the Hall and the new entry door near the Hall kitchen. These were both desperately needed and, with care, should give us many years of service.

In the Presbytery, the kitchen has been refitted – the previous kitchen was fitted about 20 years ago so has seen good service!

A significant number of smaller maintenance jobs were undertaken and some of these are listed in the more detailed table below.

The table also shows the significant number of changes that have been made since 2007. These were only possible due to the generous response of parishioners to the Planned Giving initiative in 2006 which provided a step change in Parish income – thank you for your support. Fr Jeff then received the generous offer of a loan to enable this work to proceed before sufficient funds had been accumulated to finance the work. Sincere thanks to the anonymous donor who made this possible – thank you for your generosity.

Looking forward, a number of new jobs have been identified for action and some of the outstanding jobs which have been on the list for some time are now becoming more urgent. The replacement of the hall ceiling tiles falls into this category.

The Finance Committee are also evaluating the feasibility of building a canopy over the pathway between the church and hall. Whilst this is not an immediate priority, it would make access to the Hall, especially from the church, more comfortable during bad weather.

Planned Maintenance and Improvements

  Outstanding Tasks Maintenance Health & Safety
1 Replace the lead flashing on the hall roof to stop water ingress and re-set the coping stones. Yes  
2 Replace the ceiling panels in the hall. Yes  
3 White line the car park to identify the parking spaces and optimise usage. Yes  
4 Redecorate the hall - primarily the walls. Yes  
5 Refurbish the presbytery bathroom. Yes  
6 Repair and tidy the fence line on the right, behind the church. Yes Yes
7 Replace broken window panes in the church. Yes  
8 Fit a canopy over the pathway between the church and hall. Yes  
  Tasks completed in 2011 Maintenance Health & Safety
1 Rebuild the planter wall in the forecourt. Yes Yes
2 Clear rainwater drain and repair forecourt manholes. Yes Yes
3 Install gates to the side of the church. Yes Yes
4 Replace the large sliding door in the hall. Yes Yes
5 Replace the hall door. Yes  
6 Install additional CCTV units.   Yes
7 Refurbish the presbytery kitchen. Yes  
8 Replace the sink tap - disabled toilet. Yes  
9 Fix the car park lighting fault. Yes  
10 Rebalance the church audio system. Yes  
11 Replace the drinking water boiler in the hall. Yes  
12 Repaint / coat exterior woodwork. Yes  
13 Roofing repairs - presbytery. Yes  
  Tasks completed in 2010 Maintenance Health & Safety
1 Replace the broken glass in the 'wing' window of the church entry doors - both windows replaced with laminated glass. Yes Yes
2 Install CCTV outside church to deter vandals.   Yes
3 Minor repairs to church forecourt areas including cleaning and edge marking the steps. Yes Yes
4 Install Video screens in church with computer feeds and extra power sockets. Yes  
5 Insulate the Presbytery loft to current standards. Yes  
6 Coat / paint the pebbledash facing panels on the rear and side of the church to waterproof and stabilise them. Yes  
7 Replace the Presbytery fascias, bargeboards, soffits and guttering with low maintenance uPVC. Yes  
8 Replace the bowing ceiling panels in the church which support the light fittings and ballast units and reinforce the new panels. Yes Yes
9 Update the electrical earthing in the church to current standards.   Yes
10 Install extra power sockets in the Parish Office.   Yes
11 Cut back and treat the invasive buddleia growth round the car park perimeter. Yes  
  Tasks completed in 2009 Maintenance Health & Safety
1 Refurbish the Covered Walkway. Yes Yes
2 Re-decorate the Hall. Yes  
3 Replace the windows in the Presbytery with double glazed units and uPVC frames. Yes Yes
4 Replace the windows in the Hall with double glazed units and uPVC frames. Yes Yes
5 Replace the oven in the Hall - damaged trims make this dangerous and the oven is no longer fit for purpose.   Yes
6 Update and re-fit the sign at the front of the church. Yes  
7 Hall floor sanded and re-sealed. Yes Yes
8 Fell the Horse Chestnut tree in the church forecourt. Yes  
9 Fibreglass 'Roof Domes' in the Sacristy replaced with glass. Yes  
  Tasks completed in 2008 Maintenance Health & Safety
1 Clean the statue of St Hugh on the front of the church and provide a weather shield cover. Yes  
2 Decorate and re-order the sacristies to improve storage facilities and create a more fitting environment for the Sacrament of Reconciliation - included improvements to the church toilet and the Flower Room. Yes  
3 Replace one of the fire exit doors in the small hall. Yes Yes
4 Replace the small door between the large and small halls. Yes  
5 Replace the cast iron Hall guttering with low maintenance, lightweight plastic guttering. Yes Yes
6 Install a new Repository unit in the church lobby. Yes  
7 Re-fit the lobby furniture and a noticeboard. Yes  
  Tasks completed in 2007 Maintenance Health & Safety
1 Replace the Church side exit door, replace the door frame as the transom is bowing, trapping the doors. Replace the double doors with a single door to improve the exit capacity and secure with crush bolt. Yes Yes
2 Re-paint the interior of the church. Yes  
3 Install emergency lighting in the church.   Yes
4 Replace the 2 fuse boards in the church with new consumer units fitted with mini circuit breakers. Mark the power isolators and distribution boards in all buildings in accordance with regulations.   Yes
5 Extend the church lobby to enclose the area occupied by the narthex window – include a new fire exit door in this corner and create a new Repository area. Yes Yes
6 Re-lay the paving and steps outside the Presbytery, the steps leading to the boiler room and any slabs needing attention outside the church. Yes Yes
7 Repair / replace the exit door from the ‘flower’ cupboard in the church. Yes  
8 Create new storage facilities in the Hall for the Youth Club equipment, then empty the meter cupboard of stored materials and equipment.   Yes
9 Extend the exterior lighting on the premises to include the rear and side of the church.   Yes
10 Replace the timber fascias on the covered way with low maintenance UPVC boards. Yes  
11 Improve the emergency lighting test points in the Hall and undertake maintenance as required. Yes Yes
12 Decorate the Living room and 1st floor bed/sitting room suite in the Presbytery. Yes  
13 Cut security vision panels in the Sacristy doors. Install an alarm.   Yes
14 Repair the church floor where required and seal. Yes  
15 Provide new water supply to the Ladies WCs in the Hall and decommission the water storage tank. Yes Yes
16 Replant the raised bed at the front of the church. Yes  
17 Clean the inside of the Aluminium window frames in the church. Yes  
18 Cut the hedges in the car park and repair / replace the fencing to provide a secure boundary. Yes Yes
19 Repair damaged plasterboard in large hall. Yes  

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